Aren’t they gonna find out anyways?

Parents need to tell their kids Santa isn’t real sooner. The kids need to grow up faster in this world of technology. Most of the kids find out by themselves. The kids just get sad in public and it ruins their Christmas. They might even get upset at their parents.

Lying to kids is bad. Lying to kids for 10 years about one of the most loved time of the year is terrible. Kids will find out before the time of middle school that Santa is a hoax. And sometimes it even makes parents sad because they realize that their little kids are growing up and they weren’t there to see their kids find out Santa isn’t.

If parents somehow have their kids believing in the Santa when they reach middle school, then when their kid finds out from its classmates then they could be bullied for believing in Santa. Kids these are full of attitude and anger and they might drag that out for a long time and it could haunt the kid.

It’s overdramatic to think this way but it could happen. In all reality, kids will most likely find out by the time they are in third or fourth grade. Parents might want to wait to tell their kids because they might want their little ones to grow up.

A study done by American Journal of Orthopsychiatry in 1978 shows that 65 percent of kids who are six years old believe in Santa, but only 25 percent of kids at the age of eight years old believe in Santa. 1978 was before kids had tablets and smartphones. Now in 2018, kids have so much access to the internet that they can find out all on their own.

Kids are growing up faster and faster these days and they will find out before the time they reach middle school. Parents should just break it to their kids that Santa isn’t real so they can grow up learning the real meaning of Christmas in giving instead of receiving.