BHS Foreign Exchange Student

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BHS Foreign Exchange Student

Regina Czajkowski, staff writer

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Exchange student George Postica is attending BHS as a senior. Postica is from Criuleni, Moldova, located between Ukraine and Romania.

He has a younger sister named Patrisia. They are six years apart. They live with Tatiana and Victor, who are their Mom and Dad.

He decided to come to America and get the adventure!  The main thing he loves is Mexican food in America.

“I really love the Mexican food here, especially the spicy ones, but sometimes I miss the traditional Moldovian food,” he said.

So his exchange family is the Konieczki family. Names are Kayla Konieczki (senior) and Chloe Konieczki (sophomore). They helped him to his classes and once he got settled in, and then got into a sport. He plays on the JV boys’ soccer team and he’s number 23.

He’s a part of the wrestling team too. The Buccaneer got to know Postica.

Q: What is your favorite memory here so far at BHS?

A: My favorite memory here was my senior night with my friends from soccer teams.

Q: Did you go to Homecoming?

A: I went to Homecoming and I really enjoyed it.

Q: Did you have a date?

A: Yes, I had a date for Hoco.

Q: Do you plan on going to Prom?

A: Sure, I can’t wait for going to Prom.

Q: Are you in any sports?

A: I was in the soccer team; I will also be in volleyball next season.

Q: If so what got you to choose that sport compared to the rest at BHS?

A: These sports are only sports I understand how to play.

Q: Do you plan on staying for a while in America after you graduate?

A: Unfortunately I am required to return back to my country for two years, and then I will come back!

Q: What is your favorite class that you are taking this semester?

A: My favorite class is Foods. I love that class because of my classmates and the teacher are very nice!

Q: Who are your best friends in America?

A: Camryn Taylor, Brandon Mendoza, Dylan Brooks, Travis Herschberger