Spanish club works on Pulsera Project

Marisol Carranza, Staff Writer

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Spanish Club has been doing the Pulsera project for two years now. The bracelets are made by people from  Mexico or Central America and the money goes to them so they help them out of poverty or provide the necessary things they need in order to live a sustainable life. This year they have raised over $400!

“Us helping the people out makes us very happy because we know that the money we make is for them to have a better future and be able to have all the necessities they need,” said junior  Spanish Club member Noelia Gomez.

They sold the pulseras during lunch hour for two weeks, with the help of the members of the Spanish club and the adviser Mrs. Andrea Linder. They made sure to put forth the effort into selling as many as possible to help out the people in need.

“It makes me feel very, very, very proud of selling them because I’m helping other people,” said junior Viviana Aparicio.

Spanish Club adviser Ms. Andrea Linder said, “I think that my students feel very proud of themselves because they know its a good cause, it helps people get schooling and housing and giving people a feeling of self-worth in Central America and I think that is very important.”

This fundraiser has helped people provide their family and rebuild a new life, along with that it gives them a great pleasure knowing that other people in the world care about them. It created by a non-profit organization that tries and helps out people to get out of homelessness and poverty.

For more information, you can visit their website to check out all their cool pulseras and all the good deeds that they have done for the people of Central America.