BHS honors veterans


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

BHS held an annual Veteran’s Day assembly in the gymnasium on Friday, Nov. 9. The school’s staff and students joined together along with special guests to honor all generations of U.S. veterans.

The Veteran’s Day assembly was not only focused on remembering our veterans, but also showing gratitude for our veterans. Many people are guilty of taking things for granted, which makes me believe that having this assembly every year serves not only as a great purpose for our veterans, but also for ourselves.

There are many students at BHS that do consider serving our country. There are also many students that have family members that are currently serving our country as well. For students that have a deeper connection to veterans, the assembly was seen as something needed.

“As someone who’s in chorus and comes from a military family; I think the assembly was beautiful,” said junior Emilie Ellwanger.

The Veteran’s Day assembly is also inspiring for many students, whether they know a veteran personally or not. A certain speech told by Congressman Adam Kinzinger at the assembly highlighted a soldier who was injured twice, yet he wanted to continue fighting for his country despite all odds.

“The speeches we heard were inspiring. It reminded me why my dad works for who he works for,” said junior Allison Viola.

All in all, the importance and gratitude held for veterans is something almost everyone can share at the Veteran’s Day assemblies.