Election Judges Bring the Ballots!


Mariah Perez, Staff Writer

This year, eight of our BHS students served as election judges for this year’s midterm votes. They handed out ballots at the community building on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

In order for a few of our students to be judges, they need to take a class that helped them understand the importance of being an Election Judge. Also needed to have passing grades in order to be eligible to participate in the election judge spot.

Senior Yoyo Gardener was asked, “What did you do as a voting judge?” she said, “I checked their name to see if they had voted yet and if not, gave them the ballots.”

Most of the student was excited to work as a voting judge that if they can do it again they would.

Junior Johnathan Ceballos was asked, “What is something you learned?” he said, “I learned how to work fast and be consistent.” He helped organize and maintain a safe voting area.

Senior Kylie Maritato was asked, “What was the best part or your experience?”She said “hanging out with old people.” Kylie checked the names to give ballots out for people.

People who participated in the election judge positions, Junior Lizette Galvez, Junior Melissa Montoya, Senior Kylie Mariato, Senior Brandon Govea, Senior Jesus Cortez, Junior Johnathan Ceballos, Junior Clarissa Montoya, and Senior Yoyo Gardener.