Bohemian Rhapsody rocks the story of Queen


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

Bohemian Rhapsody came out on Nov. 2nd and it nailed the story of the legendary band, Queen. With Rami Malesk playing the lead roll in the legend Freddie Mercury. With Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, and Joseph Mazzello playing the rest of the band members in the movie.

The movie starts off with Freddie about to walk on stage at Live Aid, and then it cuts to him about to go to small bar concert at his college where the band “Smile” was playing. The band had a lead singer by the name of Tim Staffell. He decided to leave the band to try and get a bigger amount of fame the just small bar concerts. That’s when Freddie meets his girlfriend and also his band members. Roger Taylor dismisses him at first because of his weird teeth and a large overbite.

After the band got together they played at the same bar where Freddie first saw the band. When they first started playing the microphone wouldn’t disconnect so performed with half the pole on the microphone. It became famous for him. He even used it at the biggest concert that they ever played at in the Live Aid.

The movie is a great story of how they made their songs. Every person in queen had a huge part in making every song. Freddie is quoted in an interview saying ” I’m not the leader of the band I’m simply the lead singer.” It shows how much of a family they were and how much they loved each other.

If you ever want to see a movie and you don’t know what to see I recommend seeing this. With its PG-13 rating it’s great for family movie night or to take a date to the movies or even just a movie night with friends.

Some of the newspaper staff made a podcast on what we liked about the movie and we dove deeper into details about the movie. If you want to check that out, head over to our podcast page called “The Belvi Bit.”