BHS Journalism finishes first


Jacob Fitch, Co Editor

The BHS journalism class went to UW-Whitewater on Oct. 12 for Kempa.

Kempa stands for Kettle Moraine Press Association for high school journalists in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Kempa judges things like yearbooks, online papers, print papers, and all things journalism related. Kempa judges in scores so multiple schools can get a third-place finish, second, first, and the highest score is All-Kempa.

At this years Kempa our journalist staff placed third for our yearbook and first for our print paper.

“I was really happy and surprised that we earned a first-place finish for our print newspaper, ” said Buccaneer adviser Mrs. Kathy Jerbi. “The boys worked hard to bring newspaper back to BHS. We started an online paper as well and I am proud of Larry (Larson) and Sam (Arco) as my editors. They did a great job as well as top staff members Justin Brown, Phil Kolk, Jacob Taft, and Jacob Popovich.”

For yearbook

“I thought the yearbook staff did a great job on last year’s yearbook,” Mrs. Jerbi said. “I was a little disappointed in the third place finish. I thought our features in our book were really outstanding.”

“We put a lot of hard work into the paper last year, considering that it was it’s the first year back and we essentially were starting from scratch. It’s awesome to have that hard work recognized at a regional level. I think it’s pretty impressive that we were able to take home first place in just our first year back” said ex-editor Larry Larson.

We did not get a score for our online paper as it is not old enough only being created last year, however in 2019 our online paper will be entered and judged. The newspaper staff is expecting to get a good finish on the online and print paper.