Micheal Myers is Back for Again.


Mariah Perez, Staff Writer


This year’s Halloween had a strong kick off with the new movie release of “Halloween.” This Mystery/Slasher movie was released Oct. 19. Jamie Lee Curtis as survivor, Laurie Strode and Nick Castle as the man behind the mask, Michael Myers. The movie changes a lot of the suspicions that the man in the mask was going to be in prison forever.

Many critiques are going crazy about the release of this, movie coming out on its 40th anniversary.” The movie was insane I got scared a couple times but that was the fun part since its spooky season” said Senior Paola Medina.

Halloween being one of the most “Psychotic Movie Ever” according to the New York Times. In the movie we see our main character Laurie Strode is now facing a crazy killer who was locked up on a bus transfer but it all goes wrong when he escapes and is in the mood to kill. Going to Laurie she is now faced with an issue on another one of Michael Myers killing spree.

“I don’t really watch scary movies like that but I thought it was scary as heck, and I had nightmares that night so that was fun, but overall I recommended movie if you can handle scary movies,” said Senior Aly Myers.

Movie being 90% of our movie viewers, according to Twitter, liked this movie taking four out of five stars on the. Halloween was one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in 2018, giving props to David Gordon Green, the director doing such great work with this movie.