Commercial foods class goes to Top Chef

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Commercial foods class goes to Top Chef

Mallory Gibbons, Staff Writer

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Family and Consumer Science teacher Ms. Chomko took her commercial foods class to the Top Chef competition on Tuesday, Oct. 30th. It was hosted at Angelic Organics Farm where students competed against Jefferson High School.

BHS placed first, second, and third in the competition. The first place group consisted of senior Carter Guest, and juniors Kaleb Buse and Alan Huizar. Second place was senior girls Abbie Fruend, Aly Meyers, Monica Hernandez, and Angelica Barroso. Third place was juniors Leslie Romaniz, Emma Ogden, Lukas Broussard, and senior Kat Lichtenberger.

Guest said, “It was a very educational experience and it was a lot of fun.”

The competition is held by CEANCI, which is the Career Education Associates of North Central Illinois. This is Chomko’s third time attending.

In this particular competition, students start off by picking their own crops, washing them, and preparing them to make any type of stir fry dish.

Chomko said, “I took my class this year because it is a farm to table cooking competition.”

Senior Daisy Lagunas said that it was a fun and memorable experience to choose their own vegetables from the fields and use them to make a creative meal.