Welcome New Teachers!

Mariah Perez and Ashley Birkeness, Staff Writer

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As the new school year approaches students think about what teachers they might have from past years or if they will  have teachers that are new to the school. This year BHS is excited to welcome 10 new staff members to the Belvidere High School staff.

One of are teachers, Ms. Bridget Przybylski was a student teacher for Mr. Jeff Edelmans math classes last fall. Student teaching was the main reason why Przybylski came back to teaching at BHS.

Ms.Pryzbylski said “Last year I loved the staff and the students and that made it easy to come back.”

Another one of our exciting new teachers here at BHS is Mr. Michael Tanner, who lived in many places before BHS. Mr.Tanner used to be a Geologist and he worked in California working on wet and prairie land restoration. He also traveled to Africa and worked in other school’s.

Mr. Tanner said, “I like the staff and it’s a small community here.” He plans to stay here until he retires.

Last but not least, Mr. Ruben Hernandez is one out of the many teachers who are alumni at BHS, also being one of the new coaches for Belvidere High Schools Football team.

Mr. Hernandez played for BHS when he was in high school here. He teaches Tech drafting and Tech, and used to be an engineer and attended Rock Valley.

Mr. Hernandez said, “ I spent 30 years in engineering and this is my first teaching job.”


New staff members also include Mr. Aaron Essex, Ms. Stephanie Wascher, Mr. John Deery also known as the girls cross country coach. Ms. Schuyler Strate, Mr. Joshua Rodriguez and Mr. Brian Koehen who is the new head boys basketball coach.