Standardized testing becomes inefficient

Lily Perez, Staff Intern

The average student spend 25 hours testing a year; however, there is no telling how many hours these students and teacher spend preparing for these tests. Countless hours go into preparation for tests like the SAT and the ACT, and that takes up valuable learning time from students. These state mandated tests do not even provide accurate information since they don’t take into account the external factors of the test day, since you only get one chance to take most tests, and have a limited scope of learning aspects.

I believe that standardized testing is considered too important for the inaccurate results it produces. These tests are giving out results that do not reflect students correctly to parents, teachers, and even colleges!

The tests don’t take external factors into account such as stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Maybe the night before the test something occurred in your family and you spent all night worrying about it, making you both exhausted and worried the next morning. Your performance on that test will not be the best, however the score you receive will define you for the rest of your high school and college career. It’s a score that is both inaccurate and unfair.

It’s also unfair that students don’t get a chance to actually show their learning growth by only allowing us to take one test and having that score be permanent. Granted, some tests will allow you to take the test again, but for a price. It’s ridiculous that as students, we are defined by a number from a test and not our ability to learn and grow.

These tests have a limited scope of learning aspects as well. The tests don’t measure our skills on communication, collaboration, or even creativity, all of which are essential skills for life. Most of these tests only care if you can find the correct answer to an Einstein-like question. These tests don’t even allow for you to explain why you thought your answer was correct. The tests give the same test to every student, which is unfair to students who exel in other areas.

Granted, these tests do give teachers and schools an idea of how much their students know. Colleges often need these scores to see how smart a student is and whether they want them or not.

However, with inaccurate results like these, what good do these results have? I believe that students should have entrance and exit exams with multiple learning aspects every year. This way, the scores on these tests will average each other out and can show how much a student has grown in learning rather than just listing what they know. The scores would finally acknowledge how hardworking students are. Students and teachers alike would have a lot of stress taken from their shoulders and can finally learn.