Adapt teaching to new generation

Jacob Fitch, Staff Intern

Next year, there will be no students who are born in the 90’s. The issue with that is we are still teaching the same. How can we still teach this generation like we’re in the 50’s even though we have all this technology to make students smarter? The internet is massive and we should use it to our advantage.

I do not know if you have noticed the decrease in lack of student success but I know I have. Has school really become this much of a terrible place? The lack of participation is undeniably disappointing, and even teachers can agree to that.  We must change how we teach to better prepare the students and make school a better place.

If you compare how the younger teachers teach compare to the older ones the younger ones take advantage of the technology compared to the old. Also, they generally care more about their students making the students enjoy and respect the teacher. I am not saying kick out the older teachers, I’m stating that we try to pilot classes with these teachers and try to make them engage their students better.

First of all, our grades are horrendous. Seniors aren’t graduating, Freshman are not on track to graduate, and most importantly no one cares. You can look at how much better grades are when teachers utilize the student’s talents instead of just lecturing on about the topic. Teachers need to try to understand when students have trouble in their class and not just blowing it off and assuming that the student is a lost cause.

Secondly, students learn more from teaching themselves than the actual teacher. The way we teach is outdated and we need to understand that technology is out there to help you. Technology has completely changed the classroom and that’s great but there is so much more we can do with it we just have to use it to our advantage. Technology is only getting better and our generation is prepared for it.

My last point is that teaching hasn’t changed. Although we have made great strides from the way we use to teach, the way we teach now is fundamentally the same but you know what has changed, the students. Students are entertained by trying something new something fun so why don’t we do that in the classroom.

Now the other side is that lecturing and being bored prepares you for the “real world”, yet the world is changing with technology and students should know how to use it and be able to communicate with others instead of just being able to take notes and listen to a teacher.

Finally, if teachers take advantage of technology, change the way they teach their students, and utilize the student’s talents. The school will be engaging for the new generation.