A Quiet Place earns millions



Movie Review

By Aurora Rodriguez

Staff Writer


A Quiet Place, a thriller and drama starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, was released in theatres on April 6, 2018 and since then has earned $213.3 million.

This movie follows the Abbott family that live out in the country. It sounds fairly normal, until you learn a simple statement: “if they hear you, they hunt you”. The Abbotts replace many everyday things, such as board game pieces, to ensure that they don’t make the tiniest noise. As far as talking goes, they communicate in sign language which helps one of the children, a deaf daughter, understand. The movie takes place a little after a year of the family having to survive in complete silence in order to hide from alien creatures.

A Quiet Place is very eye opening on how many simple tasks make so much noise. It outlines just how hard it must be to survive for that long. That being said, this movie is extremely nerve wrecking.

Many so called horror movies nowadays don’t have the punch that makes the movie a scary one. They’re mainly bland storylines with cheap jump scares. A Quiet Place is far from that majority. Your nerves can run high because of the high tension throughout the movie. The acting is well done and makes you an active participant in the storyline, not just an onlooker of the horror in front of you. This particular aspect of the film is what makes me love it.

A Quiet Place not only focuses on the horror aspect, but it also addresses the importance of family. The Abbotts only have each other to rely on throughout the movie. Whether it’s the family making hearing impaired headphones for the daughter, helping each other cook, helping each other hunt, or making sacrifices for each other, the movie shows a great sense of family.

There are some small holes in the storyline, such as how the alien creatures got there in the first place. However, in the movie they show many newspapers collected by the father, played by Krasinski, that help piece some details together. Krasinski also addressed this question in an interview. The movie ends on quite a cliffhanger that may be resolved in a possible sequel.

So, if you’re looking for a good thrill, I highly recommend seeing A Quiet Place. It is showing at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford and AMC Showplace Machesney Park 14.