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Commercials Take a Step up for the Superbowl

Mariah Perez, Staff Intern

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From Danny DeVito being a red M&M, and David Harbor an actor portraying many roles for tide commercials was hilarious.

“Seeing DiVito in a swimming pool of chocolate was the highlight of that whole game,” said junior Paola Medina.

DiVito is well know for being in many classic movies like “Matilda”, “Twins”, and “Batman Returns.”

His role as an M&M made him known as a better actor then he already was, yelling at other know actors as Todrick Hall, dance performer and songwriter, “Do you want to eat me?”.

Danny DeVito was the perfect human match. We hope our fans will be entertained by how we bring Red together with an iconic celebrity in a way that’s never been done before.” said the M&M cooperation.

David Harbor, well known for his role in Hellboy and Stranger things, was in a Tide commercial that featured elements from many other commercials like Old Spice and car commercials.

“Yeah just a typical super bowl car ad…but its a tide ad” said Harbor.

“I would never see him as an actor who would be so funny cause he is so serious in the show ‘Stranger Things.” said Junior Julia Sholle.

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Mariah Perez, Staff Intern

Mariah Perez is a junior at BHS. She will graduate in the year 2019. Perez enjoys playing basketball and throwing for track and field. Perez loves to sing,...

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Commercials Take a Step up for the Superbowl