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Winner crowned in Buccaneer staff contest

Jacob Taft, Writer

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Jacob Popovich won the Buccaneer staff playoff pick competition after the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The final standings are as follows: Jacob Popovich, 10; Jacob Taft, 8; Phil Kolk, 6; Justin Brown, 4; Sam Arco, 3; and Laurence Larson, 1.

Popovich was tied with Kolk going into the weekend at six points each. Kolk picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl along with Brown, Larson, and Arco, while Popovich chose the underdog Eagles. I, Jacob Taft, also chose Philadelphia even though a New England win would have put me in last place.

Popovich won and he decided that he wanted a food day for his class along with participation trophies for all six students.

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth a loser, Larry Larson, and crowned a champion, Jacob Popovich,” said Popovich.

There was a lot of hatred towards Larson as the competitors all seemed to be content with beating him.

“Winners win, losers lose, and that’s why Larry is on the bottom,” said Brown.

“I’m just glad I didn’t get last. That would be embarrassing for whoever did,” said Arco.

Kolk had guessed every game correctly in round one, but he couldn’t hold on to his lead.

“I’m disappointed with my performance in the last two rounds, and the Patriots didn’t come through for me,” said Kolk.

Regardless of the outcome, the competition was fun for everyone, including Larson who got last place.

“I just hope everyone had fun,” said Larson.

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Winner crowned in Buccaneer staff contest