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Opinion – BHS should create an underground tunnel

Phil Kolk, Writer

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Belvidere High School should create an underground tunnel. I might sound crazy, but give me a chance to explain myself.

The walkway to the front of the school faces north, which is the same direction in which the wind blows in the morning. When the temperature is 5° Fahrenheit , and the wind chill brings it down to -5°, the walk to school is quite brutal.

There have been mornings where the wind is so strong, that my eyes dry out, and by the time I get to the front door, my eyes are watering to try and get the moisture back.

I don’t know, maybe we should wear snowboarding goggles to school.

The wind can also be so strong that I have to walk backwards to just breathe. Maybe Farm & Fleet should also donate 1,200 ski masks to BHS for the kids to use in the winter.

Not to mention kids that have to walk in this extreme weather like senior Shawn Dean.

“The walks to school are brutal, and by the time I reach school, my hands are bitter cold, and my lips are chapped as a mug,” said Dean.

An idea of mine is to either build an underground tunnel from the parking lot to the main entrance, or open up the PAC doors. Okay, maybe the underground tunnel idea is a little ridiculous, but simply opening up the PAC doors closest to the student parking lot seems like something that is totally doable.

Belvidere North barely has to walk to get in the building.

What’s the big deal about opening up some doors for kids so they don’t freeze trying to get to school?

All in all, I think BHS should do something about this issue, whether or not they don’t have the funds to build a tunnel is another problem, but I would like to see the school take action.

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Belvidere High School
Opinion – BHS should create an underground tunnel