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Fortnite takes world by storm

Sam Arco, Co-Editor

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ve probably heard of one of the most addicting video games in recent history, Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite is a co-op survival game that is compatible for Xbox One, Ps4, and Microsoft Windows. Fortnite consists of two game modes; Save the World, where players participate in missions that include fighting against zombies, and Battle Royale, where players compete in a 100 person battle royale to see who can be the last one standing.

In the Battle Royale Mode, players can participate in three different modes. Solo, where players participate by themselves, Duo, where two friends play with each other, and Squad, where players can play with up to three friends to try to get that coveted #1 Victory Royale.

When starting the game, players are seen flying over the Battle Royale map in the battle bus, where they then have to jump out and find the nearest city or point of interest to scavenge for bandages, weapons, and resources. As the game progresses, a storm brews which leads players to come together to make things more interesting. The longer the game goes on, the smaller the circle becomes, which leads to highly-explosive close combat.

“There’s no better feeling than getting a squad win with the boys,” said senior Lucas Haug.

Fortnite was released to the world in September of 2017 and is free to download. This has lead to many people all around the world to download the action- packed game because it is free to play. Since Fortnite’s launch in late 2017, Epic Games (founder of Fortnite Battle Royale) has claimed that over 45 million people have downloaded the game.

Fortnite is so popular right now, it’s crazy. You literally can’t go a day at school without hearing someone talk about it or seeing something about it on social media. The great thing about Fortnite is that it’s brought so many people together again, something we haven’t seen since the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 days.

Another great thing about Fortnite is that Epic Games frequently updates the game with new content about every week to keep the players interested and coming back. In a recent update, and arguably the biggest one to date, Epic Games added more than ten  new points of interest for players to loot, scavenge, and hunt for legendary weapons.

“My favorite place to land at is Snobby Shores. I love the way Fortnite made it look, it’s definitely a fan favorite,” said senior Cole Lass.



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Fortnite takes world by storm