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Broadcast Media changes it up

Jacob Taft, Writer

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The Broadcast Media class at BHS is changing things up this semester.

In past years, the news would run on the TVs in Buc Club, but the new system requires the teachers to plug their computers into the TV to run them. The students think that this will be easier in the long run.

The class is using a new site, WeVideo, to put the news together. They are very excited about it. Senior Justin Brown worked with the old system, and he thinks this is a better way of doing things.

“I like this way better because not a lot of people knew how to use the older system, and this new one is user friendly and easy to use,” said Brown.

Broadcast Media also got plenty of new equipment for the new year. New cameras, microphones, and stage lights have already been featured in the making of a few of the news segments.

For the parents and students that enjoy certain segments, there will also be a YouTube channel dedicated to past episodes, so you can watch the news whenever you want. Senior Larry Larson is also in broadcast and he was very excited about this.

“I think it’s great because if people miss Buc Club they can still watch the announcements on YouTube,” said Larson.

The news plays every Thursday in Buc Club, and it will also be on a YouTube channel named BHS News.

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Broadcast Media changes it up