Late start vs. early release

Joshua Garcia-Sanchez, Staff intern

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Late start vs early release has been a huge debate amongst the student body. On the second Wednesday of every month, we have late start but many students want to go back to early release.

Let’s start with a brief overview of why later start came to be. Late start was created in our district for schools to follow a PLC model (Professional Learning Community). The focus was to have staff meet regularly, with a focus on students and promoting academic rigor.

I believe that late start is not the way to go. Yes, we get extra time in the morning, but we don’t get a full hour like we did with early release. Early release gave us more time in the day to do what we like to do and that kept morale up. Early release days were like a mini break to go do what we want. You have to know as well that humans are creatures of habit and when you mess with our morning habits it throws our whole system off. That’s why we have so many people late the days of late start.

Sophomore Gregory Suthers said “ I enjoy early release because I like keeping my morning routine the same, and I would rather have an extra hour after school than before school”

Mr. Jonathan Hannel said “I prefer the late start days. During the extra time allowed by late start and early release, we teachers discuss and share specific areas where our students are making progress toward reaching the learning goals we’ve set. Sharing these success stories in the beginning of a school day serves as a perfect little bit of inspiration to energize us throughout the day, like a morning cup of coffee. “