Black Friday becomes a bummer

Jacob Taft, Writer

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Black Friday was on Nov. 24 this year, and the wait definitely wasn’t worth it.

Whether shoppers were looking for new household appliances, a new home entertainment system, or maybe just doing some clothes shopping, Black Friday was always the perfect day for it. This year, it didn’t seem like stores even tried to get shoppers lining up.

I used to love staying up all night on Thanksgiving to go out shopping with my brother to find the coolest games and toys, but the Black Friday atmosphere has completely changed.

Unfortunately, the only store that had real blockbuster deals this year was Best Buy, but that was only exciting if you were planning on spending hundreds of dollars on electronics.

It isn’t really that fun for the shoppers that are looking for electronics either. The deals haven’t really changed in the past few years. Saving hundreds on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One sounded great in 2015, but with the amount of people that have them now, it isn’t anything special.

Not only are the deals becoming less exciting, the in-store shopping experience is coming to an end. Most Black Friday bargains can be found online as well. Nobody is going to leave their house for something they can just do on their computer. I was one of the few that preferred to shop in person and not online. Sadly, after going to multiple stores and growing tired of walking aimlessly around Rockford, I gave up on Black Friday, and I went home empty handed. I wasn’t the only upset shopper.

“I enjoyed going shopping on Black Friday, but it was way too crowded in the store,” said senior Jaime Lopez.

Senior Corrine Kollak had a disappointing Black Friday experience as well. “I was shopping for some clothes when I saw a shirt that was supposed to be 50% off, but when I bought it I realized that I had paid full price. I talked to the manager, and he told me I had to wait in line to solve the problem. I waited for 45 minutes before I finally got my money back,” said Kollak.