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Call of Duty takes a turn to the past

Jacob Popovich, Writer

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The long awaited Call of Duty: World War II finally released Nov. 3. The past few years Call of Duty went futuristic with guns and jet packs, but now they are bringing it back old school.

“I really like the game. It takes me back to when I used to play Call Of Duty when I was younger,” said senior Gerardo Moraza.

The change in setting has really caught the video game world by storm. Every Call of Duty enthusiast is going crazy of the no jet packs and having the players boots be on the ground.

Some other new features are that instead of create a class, you have to enlist in a division and that gives you certain abilities. There is also a new “War Mode” where you have many different tasks from building a bridge, to protecting your base. There is also another new feature where you can test out your gun at the gun range, and play a One-on-One against other players.

Even though most players don’t play campaign mode and just go to multiplayer, the new campaign mode is way better than the past years. The audio and graphics are some of the best ever. The story line is filled with drama, and the emotion is sure to get you into the game.

Nazi zombies is not as popular as the multiplayer or campaign, but it has really improved over the last few years. The graphics and audio create a scary real life fear people can experience through the TV.

“This is going to be a great game for E Sports,” said senior Rodrigo Hernandez.

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Call of Duty takes a turn to the past