BHS anatomy classes visits cadaver lab

Anatomy students got a real life taste of a cadaver, when they visited National University of Life Sciences in Lombard, Ill. on Oct. 27.

The smell of formaldehyde lingered with the students on the ride home back to school, but that didn’t stop them from having a great experience. Anatomy teachers, Mrs. Natalka Nejman and Mr. Tyler Irwin, set up and took the students to the university to learn about the human body.

The students got the chance to get up close and personal with the cadaver. Students got to see a presentation of the human body, and then got to hold organs such as: the brain, the liver, the heart, the intestines, and the lungs.

“Being able to hold a once living human’s brain blew me away. The brain held all of someone’s thoughts, memories, and emotions. It really put things into perspective,” said junior Mallory Gibbons.

Students also expressed how perfect the body has to be assembled and put together to function properly.

“Every single detail in the human body is so important for it to function properly. This made me realize how precisely organs, bones, and nerves are placed,” said senior Maddie Visser.

This was a great opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and learn about the body in a different way. Mrs. Nejman will be taking students to another cadaver at NIU second semester.