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Jigsaw disappoints many

Jacob Taft, Writer

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Jigsaw was released in theaters on Oct. 27.

Jigsaw is the eighth installment of the Saw franchise and possibly the worst. It has been 10 years since John Kramer died, but the killings have started again. It is assumed to be a copy cat killer, but nobody knows what happened to Kramer’s body.

I wasn’t the only moviegoer disappointed in the new film. Junior Marcus Kielgast and senior Anthony Radaha had also seen the movie.

“I didn’t really like it. It was actually kind of boring,” said Kielgast.

“I used to be excited about watching the Saw movies on Halloween, but Jigsaw wasn’t really like the others,” said Radaha.

There are plenty of jump scares and gruesome moments, but the traps are boring. If there is one thing the Saw franchise is known for, it is the traps. The unique qualities of the original Jigsaw traps were not truly brought back in this long awaited sequel.

Really, the biggest issue is that a protege of Kramer took over for him. Instead of the man who lost his wife and got cancer which drove him to become a murderer, all we have is people that wanted to take justice into their own hands.

Overall, I would rate Jigsaw a 2/5.

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Jigsaw disappoints many