B-Club Welcomes New Athletes

Sam Arco, Co-Editor

B-Club is a group here at BHS that is open to any athlete interested in being involved in helping out their school in many ways.

B-Club participates in many community service  events throughout the school year including food drives, feed my starving children, Adopt a Child during Hometown Christmas, and also reading to elementary students.

Along with such events, B-Club also holds social activities that help bring all the athletes together. These include events such as open gyms, tailgating before football games, and attending local sports teams games.

B-Club is also a sponsor for Athlete of the Week with AppleBees, which once a week recognizes an athlete from BHS that shows spectacular athletic performance.

P.E. teacher Mr. Dan McNames and Drivers Ed teacher Mr. Robert McGuire are both club advisors for B-Club. They are both excited to see what B-Club has to offer this year from their athletes.

“This year we hope to see the club expand, but to do that we encourage all athletes to participate and to get involved,” said McNames.

B-Club members are also excited for what is in store this year as they try to bring excellence to BHS.

“I’m glad I decided to join B-Club this year. I’m looking forward to being involved in helping my school and being able to do it with my fellow athletes,” said junior Dane Jankiewicz.

Meetings are held Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. in room 71.  If interested in joining, see Mr. McNames or Mr. McGuire.