NBA 2K is back


Jacob Taft, Writer

The long awaited NBA 2k18 was released on Tuesday, Sept. 19 for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

2k is new and improved. This years edition is so real, it looks just like you’re watching TV.  They didn’t add many new features this year, but the things they added makes the game better than ever.

You can now interact more with online players in “The Neighborhood.” It is a small town that your avatar can run around in. There are stores and basketball courts so you can update your avatar’s look and play with your friends.

The “MyPlayer” game mode was changed as well. In this mode, you can play as yourself in the NBA. They have added tons of cut scenes so it feels like your avatar is in a movie.

Overall, I would give NBA 2k18 a 4/5.